Formation of SIETAR Russia

DATE: 18th of May 2018

FROM: SIETAR Global Connect

TO: SIETAR Russia Planning Committee (Yulia Taratuhina & Sergey Filatov)

Formation of SIETAR Russia

SIETAR Russia Letter of supportDear Yulia Taratuhina & Sergey Filatov, The SIETAR Global Connect Group, which is made up of representatives of SIETAR organizations around the world, would like to thank you for your submission and presentation of an action plan to form SIETAR Russia on 18th of May 2018. We are a forum of national organizations that discuss and share best practices with the aim to maintain the integrity of SIETAR’s common vision and purpose globally.


We do appreciate your request to have our group review your proposal, given that members of this group represent SIETAR groups around the globe. Both proposals were excellent and demonstrated the great care, commitment, and dedication you all have to the importance of intercultural relations in Russia and beyond. We heartily support your plans to form a SIETAR Russia national group.


Please note that our process foresees check-ins after 3/6/12 months after establishment to exchange on your progress! Your mentor will be in touch with you!


Please let us know how we can support you going forward. Welcome to the global SIETAR family

😊 Best regards,

* attending the virtual presentation of SIETAR Russia,  18th of May 2018


SIETAR Argentina Angela Tagina

SIETAR Australia Hatice Sitki

SIETAR Austria Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

SIETAR British Columbia Colleen Hanley

SIETAR Brasil Sven Dinklage

SIETAR Deutschland Jeri Weber

SIETAR España Anna Zelno

SIETAR Europa Joyce Jenkins (represented through Barbara Covarrubias)

SIETAR France Linda Vignac

SIETAR India Sunita Nichani

SIETAR Indonesia Bagus Riyono

SIETAR Italy Maura di Mauro

SIETAR Japan Makiko Deguchi

SIETAR Mexico Liliana Cantu

SIETAR Nederland Karin Mulders

SIETAR Poland Eileen Gricuk

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