33 Utterly Unusual Things That Will Surprise You Abroad

There are 250 countries, only 197 of which are officially recognized. Each country has its own laws and traditions, and some of them, when read, cause sincere surprise and misunderstanding among the inhabitants of other states. But do not laugh — these customs are real and very important for residents of these countries. To your view the most unusual customs of the countries of the world.

To the present day, every country has its own traditions and norms of politeness, which sometimes can be understood only by natives so here the list of unusual things that will surprise you abroad.

Bright Side thinks you should know them. First of all, you’ll be shocked; second, you decrease the risk of accidentally insulting a country’s resident.

Here some more:


  • If in our country the 13th number in a month is considered to be a misfortune only on Fridays, in Spain Tuesday the 13th is considered the day when one has to beware of everything. It is not recommended on such a day to get married, get a haircut and even leave the house.
    In Spain, the manufacture of Kaganers, figures of people who fulfill need «in large» is common. And this is not done for humor, the Spaniards sincerely believe that such figures are capable of bringing good luck.
  • If you touch the earlobe of the Spaniard, he will consider it an insult.
    The Spaniards have double surnames. When the girls get married, they will not take the husband’s surname, but leave their own, double. And the child born in this marriage will also have a double surname. The first part of the surname is the first surname of the child’s father, and the second part is the first name of his mother.
  • In this country twice celebrate the birthday: the first time — the official date of birth, when the child was born, and the second — birthday. And often the namesakes are more colorful and are considered more important, because on this day the Spaniards acquire names in honor of the saints.

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