Anna P. Beketova, Tamara V. Kuprina “Five Lessons for Developing Tolerance” ( 2016)


In today’s multicultural world the ability to communicate with differentcultures which often have significant differences in the perception of the world is becoming increasingly important. Particular attention is paid to the development of tolerant behavior skills in the students’ audience becoming increasingly multinational.

However, in existing tutorials there are almost no issues on tolerance and constructive intercultural dialogue. Besides, there are no special tutorials entirely devoted to the problem. The aim of the proposed tutorial is to fi ll in the aforementioned gap. The tutorial is completely devoted to the development of intercultural tolerance with regard to the requirements to modern training technologies. It represents not the fragmentary information but systemic knowledge on one of the most diffi cult social problems.The importance of the development of students’ tolerance is due to the fact that today’s multicultural society demands specialists not only with a high professional level, but also having the ability to constructive interaction with people of different nationalities both in everyday and professional communication.

The tutorial is comprehensive and consists of fi ve modules: “A lesson of respect for others,” “A
lesson of polite behavior,” “A lesson of dealing with differences,” “A lesson of professional behavior”
and “A lesson of being part of a global society”. Each unit contains four topics representing the authentic texts; tasks designed to enhance and consolidate the theoretical and practical skills on the proposed topics; exercises to develop communication skills.
In designing tasks and exercises the primary role is given to the principle of communication which is focused on team-working both with the lecturer and students with each other.The selection of material is based on the overall level of students’ English profi ciency (Intermediate – according to European standards).

As a result of working with the tutorial students are expected to develop in-depth knowledge on tolerance; realize the importance and necessity of a respectful attitude towards the people around;master the skills of tolerant interpersonal interactions, including cross-cultural; get constructive competences for conducting and showing the desire for tolerant intercultural dialogue.


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