Education and culture in modern society

During the learning process the individual is brought up within the framework of the statement of values accepted in the society.

That’s why the learning is considered as a social institution which key function is to replicate the culture in the society. However,

the institution of learning not only transmits historically established norms and traditions but also forms itself under the

influence of these factors. This leads to the differentiation of learning models in various cultural regions. Learning as well as other

social institutions is not static.


It can be changed under the influence of external factors: economic, political, social, cultural and etc. Moreover, at the present

time there is a change in learning systems under the influence of the modernization. Transition to the society of a new breed in

the sphere of learning is carried out by implementing of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the process of

learning. Using of ICTs in the learning process promotes the development of the IT-infrastructure of universities creating

conditions for the formation of the information and learning environment (IEE). By IEE in this work is meant a «system-

organized collection of data intelligence, technical and methodological assistance inseparably associated with a human as a

subject of the learning process. IEE accumulates all national peculiarities of the culture. At large it can be considered as a macro-

environment. In a specific value it can be considered as a micro-environment – immediate social environment».



One of components which form IEE are software and hardware facilities for supporting of the learning process which is realized

by implementing ICT into universities transforming both the whole learning process and separate its components.

Implementation of ICT into the learning process not only meets the requirements of the information society but also provides all

its participants with necessary instruments giving an opportunity to adjust and to fully function in the changed conditions.


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